Ella Emanuel

I believe in every person’s infinite possibility to heal and grow into the best version of himself/herself and ultimately reach the capacity to fully manage every area of his/her life (personal, social and professional) and experience the thrill of unleashing his/her full potential. peter john maridable 53936

I believe in everyone’s right to access their mental capacities through a state of well-being in which they understand their own abilities, can work towards continuous progress, can cope with the stresses of life, can maintain healthy relationships, can work productively and fruitfully, and are able to make a contribution to their communities.

My primary goal is to remove the stigma concerning mental illnesses through psycho-education awareness and allow the individual suffering to reach a stable state in which he or she can regain control over his/her life and maintain a healthy approach to personal, professional and social life overall.

My end goal is to facilitate transformation journeys for man kind in the purpose of reaching global awareness and high frequencies of understanding to be able to live in harmony and peace from the personal interior to the social exterior. 

Together, we move from paralysis to analysis, we change lives.

My Passion

Stories are how we perceive, understand, and recall our experiences.  

People learn and form assumptions from what fits into their personal plot. As adults, we actively build what we think, feel and experience. We are the creators of our own life story and every day is a fresh start.

Yet sometimes, the hardest story to know is our own.

The only thing harder then changing and growing is repeating the same behavior, even that which fails, because it offers familiarity and security. Predictability masquerades as effectiveness. Moving from our comfort zone may trigger anxiety but getting stuck in repetition sabotages invention and imprisons creativity.

Writing a new story, changes our perceptions and assumptions. Change begins when you recognize that you are the author of your own story.  

Personally, I went through a long path of different therapeutic modalities (psycho-analysis, systemic, behavioral, hypnotherapy, coaching, and energetic healing, etc.) for more then 7 years officially. The process of development and growth is ongoing, and lasts a lifetime. My experiences made me an even deeper listener, more empathetic counselor, and shaped my natural abilities of building bridges.  

I believe that every person has the potential in them to thrive and become who they are really meant to be.

Once your behaviors are aligned with your core values, you discover the essence of yourself, your most authentic self.

When you are in connection with your true elements then everything is possible and the sky is your limit.

I love challenges and adventures.eric welch JD0hDm3ZGYU

My new adventure is to help people reconnect with themselves - not with what they are taught to do and automatically programmed by society – but to realign with their own foundational identity. 

Writing a new success story for yourself is the best self investment you could ever do.  

The PSYCoaching® journey addresses transformation to a successful life or business story. The ROADMAP® system guides the process of change to actively incorporate new dimensions of personal, career, relationship, and financial growth.