“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” - Samuel Johnson

I earned my BA in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Holy Spirit Kaslik - USEK in Lebanon. 

My training in the hospital of the cross taught me different aspects of mental illness, how it develops, how it is handled and how it is perceived in our oriental region. This experience increased in me my sense of empathy and my urge to raise awareness in the region because the lack of information leads to judgemntal attitudes which prevent people from recognizing in themselves mental issues and getting the help needed for it.

I was restless to learn more about the human mind and transformational methods. I earned my Professional Life & Executive Coaching Certificate from the Coaching Training Alliance in Colorado (USA).

Two years later and after 200 hours of coach specific training in addition to around 2500 hours of coaching experience, I finally earned my MASTER CERTIFIED COACH (MCC) from the International Coach Federation ICF

This is when my passion to change people's minds and lives really started to kick off. I started my own online platform where I worked with hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs to help them move beyond their personal and professional obstacles and toward a more fullfilling life and business. 

Later on, I earned my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology & Counseling (MCP), from the University of Holy Spirit Kaslik - USEK in Lebanon.

My career started in scholar establishments where I worked for 7 years as a school psychologist. Throughout this journey, I worked with thousands of children, teenagers and parents. I also worked with individuals with special needs, learning disabilities and coping difficulties. 

I advanced my expertise in therapy by adding the Systemic Intervention for Individuals, Families & Couples from a collaboration between FORESTIERE, IFISAM and CEFORES - Berlin GERMANY. 

Working with families and couples, I lerned the value of healthy bonding and adequte relationships and their effects on the overall satisfaction of the quality of life. 

I decided then to go deeply into therapy, I lead a learning path full of new therapeutic modalities and interventions. To name a few:

  • Certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists - BOSTON USA
  • Master Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach from the National Federation of NLP - FLORIDA USA
  • Certified Access Consiousness Pratitioner from the Access Consciousness - TEXAS USA
  • Relational Psychosomatic from the International Center of Psychosomatics - PARIS FRANCE
  • Active Learning Methodologies from Terre des Hommes - UNHCR - ITALIA
  • Conflictual Relationship from the Lebanese Association of Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy - BEIRUT LEBANON
  • Psychotic Transitions from the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross - METN LEBANON
  • Analytical Therapy  from the Society of Psychotherapy of Analytical Inspiration - BEIRUT LEBANON
  • Drama & Play Therapy trained by Docteur Jean Daoud - ASHRAFIYE  LEBANON
    I believe the key to success is continuous education and constant developement. I have experience in integrative mental healthcare, life and executive coaching and relational counseling.

    I believe in the infinite power of every person to break through all limitations, outgrow any life circumstance and succeed equally in life and in business.
 In order to unleash that infinite power, I have learned all these modalities to make it easier to adapt to the individuality of each person requiring my expertise. 
    I have acquired knowledge and practical expertise in several types of therapies and change modalities to help bring positive and effective transformation at the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and professional level.

    I am still learning, at the moment, I am going through my Doctorate in Clinical & Industrial Psychology at the South California University. 
    I have active memberships in the NGH – Merrimack; NFNLP-Florida; CTA-Colorado; MCC - ICF.  
    I am currently based in Beirut-Lebanon and I work mostly in the MENA region.