Vision & Mission


Since one out of four people struggle with mental illness during their lifetime (according to WHO), the necessity of accessing the right treatment, aditya siva 102430raising awareness about mental health and finding support within the environment is crucial.

Therefore, my vision is to create a safe community for individuals and families to face their struggle with understanding and compassion within the professional and ethical support system they require.

Subsequently, the self development process can begin in a motivational environment targeting specific goals through a deep tailored life-changing process aiming at achieving the breakthroughs in one’s transformational journey.



I assist patients and their families with treatment, support and awareness about mental illness.

I provide individual and various group supports depending on the situation.

I adopt an integrative and holistic approach to development which includes cognition, affect, behavior, relational, physical, spiritual and professional areas.perry grone lbLgFFlADrY

I also assist individuals and groups to reach their peak performance through various coaching modalities, seminars and training on self development, soft skills, emotional intelligence and group intelligence.

My ultimate goal is to assist each person in their growth journey to break through any obstacles ahead, reconnect with the authentic being within and grow into the fundamental version of themselves.