Executive Manager

Working at board level usually involves a huge workload with barely the time for depth exploration and the issues are too sensitive or complex to talk about openly with anyone.
It is essential for you to reflect on fundamental questions about the future direction of the company, the structure of your organization, your leadership and effectiveness into every day action.charlz gutierrez de pineres 2w U2 Ah57E

Through this program, YOU CAN:
• Position yourself for greater responsibilities
• Transition rapidly and successfully into a larger role or a new organization
• Create, complete and drive a plan to achieve personal and professional objectives.
• Improve interpersonal communication and develop skills and approaches to deal with a difficult boss, peer, client or staff member.
• Manage smoothly the stresses of making operational decision making.
• Recover from an unstable business, a professional or personal relationship.
• Make sure you spend your time, energy and creativity on the highest impacting work.

Working with directors and chief executives on a fully confidential basis explores their real concerns and focuses on goals and outcomes to ensure that there is direct impact on their performance and their organization.