Most of us learned about commitment while growing up. Witnessing your parents couple unfold in front of you as a kid models the type of relationship you would expect yourself to be in as an adult. Unfortunately, many people didn’t have the healthiest role models.

While you long for deep connection, you can be terrified of commitment. You fear intimacy and betrayal, yet also fear being alone. What you really fear is repeating your parent’s mistakes. Ironically, if your parents had relationship issues, you are going to want something completely different; yet you subconsciously choose partners with similar traits to your parents recreating this way the same relational dynamics. beatriz perez moya

You might be struggling with the dating area and noticing that you aren’t appreciated enough. Although you are a good catch, you are feeling like you have been left behind. Now is the right time for you to stop feeling stuck or unlucky and uncover the internal conflicts that are keeping you disconnected from creating a meaningful and sustainable partnership.

In fact, no one is flawless, and as long as you hold on to the idea that there is someone who will fulfill your every wish and demand, you will keep finding errors in possible companions and terminate relations that could work. 

Through a compassionate exploration of your past and your patterns, we can detect and tackle issues that stem from childhood and/or past relationships, such as trust, control or abandonment issues. 

Once you’re in touch with these core feelings, it becomes easier to identify sabotaging patterns and shift to a higher level of self-awareness. Rather than stay trapped in the past, you can feel empowered to work on your particular issues so you can be available for a relationship with someone who is also available to you.

Making the right choice for a partner is an essential part of your ultimate fulfillment. People with miserable relationships are more disappointed with their lives then couples in happy relationships. That is why knowing who to choose to spend your life with, how to maintain this healthy balance with your partner and how to make the commitment is so important for your overall happiness.