Beliefs shape our world. Our perspective shapes our experiences, change the way you look at things and the things you look at change the way they look. If you focus on opportunities, doors seem to open; if you focus on problems, obstacles become countless; if you focus on the things outside of your control, you feel powerless; if you focus on fear instead of faith, you feel paralyzed with inaction; if you focus on everything that is going wrong with your life, you feel down; if you focus on your weakness, you feel helpless; etc.frank mckenna 252908

Our focus determines our state of mind, whatever you focus on expands. When you find yourself in a place of disadvantage, constantly ruminating, overthinking, being a pessimist, think to yourself:

What is the underlying belief that is shaping my reality??

Where does it come from, is it truly mine?

How is it making me feel right now?

Can I embrace this state fully with ease and courage?

Can I let it go as easily as I am holding on to it?

Do I want to let it go? When? 
Is this the best that I can be?

How am I holding myself back from allowing the greatness within me to flow freely and radiate into my life?