Relationships can sometimes feel unfulfilling, too stressful and exhausting.

You might be contemplating your divorce with confusion and fear. You might not want a permanent separation but probably you are in need of some time off. Maybe you don’t even know what you want except direction and a sense of purpose.

Whether you are hesitant to choose a path or afraid of being alone, being able to find your true destiny and take actions accordingly is an essential step to release yourself from doubts.hutomo abrianto p5CFpOiYweU

Addressing your worries and fixing the real reason behind your anxiety is the initial step to move forward. Maybe you need to find the proper way to transition from being in a couple to being an individual again.

Maybe you would like to explore the timing of the separation and how to communicate it efficiently with your children.

Give yourself the time, space and supportive care to cope with intense and contradicting emotions while exploring the positive aspects of the separation and honoring the good memories of your relationship.