Adolescent Disorders

During teens, adolescents face conflicting demands between their parents, teachers and friends.

They have many internal and external resources, but are clueless on making them useful.

Their world quickly becomes a place of great confusion and stress. If you ask teens, though they dedicate every bit of their energy to discovering their identity, they are not sure who they are.

Continuous failures to change their lives cause teens to give up on success, having good relationships and taking responsibility for their health.

Most teens cruise through life and react to uncomfortable situations, rather than having a clear vision of their desired life and pursuing that vision. Sometimes they might develop issues that mislead them from their original path.kevin laminto K3gDQekpRoU

Parents who are struggling with their young adult might want to consider many types of dysfunctions, to name a few of the most common:

  1. Conduct disorder (behavioral issues);
  2. Oppositional disorder (attitude issues), social disorder (relational issues);
  3. Mood disorder (emotional issues),
  4. Gaming addiction (dependence issues), etc. 

Working with youth, is a journey teenagers take on their quest for overcoming their obstacles and achieving their goals and dreams.

They definitely are in need of the proper guidance and assistance on that journey:

  1. They learn to understand themselves;
  2. They establish good relationships with themselves and with others;
  3. They identify the source of their beliefs,
  4. They recognize the impact they have on their life;
  5. They examine the validity of they behaviors and eliminate them if they think they are “unhealthy” or not useful;
  6. Also, they choose new beliefs that promote success, abundance, relationships, support, love and good communication and happiness. 

The program helps teens find strengths from within and teaches them how to stay strong and focused even if life is not happening exactly the way they wanted by using their own wishes as a guide. Not what their parents want for them. Not what their friends or their teachers want. Not even what their counselor wants for them. What they want!

They gain control over their mind, their body and their behaviors to build the best version of themselves.