Addiction Prevention

Drugs, prescribtion medication or alcohol alter the chemistry of our brains.

Unfortunately, anytime you alter the chemical balance of your brain, you risk developing mental health disorders.

Simply knowing the link between mental health and drugs is only half of the battle. Drug abuse can induce a state of illness and mental illness can cause the use of drugs.gras grun vkgmEzwWfG4

Then, it’s also important to know that mental health awareness is an essential part of the fight against drug addiction.

This program’s objective is to let people know if they’re at a higher risk of addiction.

When we are dependent of a substance, whether it’s a drug or a prescribed medication, we no longer see ourselves clearly, our emotions are numbed, our sensations are faded, our thoughts are scattered and our behaviors are incoherent.

Self-awareness is a fundamental aspect of our full long term recovery. The purpose of this program is to raise awareness on substance abuse, how to prevent it and how to deal with it in the numerous ways to recover.

We all want to thrive in our lives and build a brighter future for the next generation. Add this program to your list of team development, or as prevention for youth that you are responsible of (universities, schools, etc.).